Saturday, July 8

The last four searches that brought up my blog

The last four searches that brought up my blog:

-Ebeneezer feist
-Easy yet elegant orderves (sic)
-Dolores park syringes
-Raging boner walking to class



jenneral said...

I've been getting a lot of random bitchy comments of this dumb camwhoring photo I took on Halloween when I was drunk-- it was a photo of my gaudy pink and purple makeup. I couldn't figure out why all the hate, until I realized that the picture-- which I had titled "emo makeup shot" was the NUMBER ONE Google image search result and the number two regular search result for "emo makeup". So a bunch of idiots were looking for emo makeup and getting pissy that my makeup wasn't emo, and was in fact an attempt to look like a gaudy glam rocker from the golden age.

Everyone was bitching that it wasn't emo. No one was able to contemplate the grammatical possibility that "emo" and "makeup" were both adjectives modifying "shot". Sigh, Google.

James said...

Heh. Those idjits.

I wonder what random thing I'm number one for. I'll have to looksee.

barista brat said...

haha, i'm waiting for a haiku to be created from the 'raging boner walking to class' search.

Anonymous said...

i saw this today and thought of you.


James said...

Brat, for you:

Man who walk to class
With hand hidden in pocket
Feel cocky all day

Lol, Sam. Glad that two shirtless 15 year-old Chinese boys singing and dancing to bad Chinese pop music makes you think of me.

Benny said...

Dammit, James! Change your link to me!

Actually, if it knocks me off the top of the running, then don't change it. Let the fools be re-directed.

But I'm not paying 20 big ones yearly for nothin'! Sheeeeet.



James said...

I'll change it when I'm good 'n' ready, B. Which'll be when I've done found a place and got settled in.

What I want to know is why you had to make the change? So what if it's probably more professional or authorly or whatever? Can't you see all the trouble it's causing everyone else? Me in particular?

Benny said...

I changed it for good luck. Kinda thing.

Plus, Blogger is ugly!

Benny said...

Wait- when you've done found a place and settled in? Is that online or cross-country? If it's cross-country, you're one lazy bastid, James Yeh.


James said...