Friday, December 16

College revisited

Somewhere within this building is someone feeling out of place: me. Sitting at the library computer lab back at at Clemson, one semester removed from college, I'm taking advantage of my still valid user ID and my continued ability to use said ID to print stuff out unlimited and free. (400+ pages of grad school stuff will make you do desperate things.)

It seemed like a good idea at first, but I had forgotten that Clemson is in the midst of exam week. And after walking into the lab and seeing really, really young-looking people carrying textbooks and meeting for group projects, I feel pretty weird. This seems to be a recurring theme: Post on Me Becoming a Townie.

Yeah, I could be the Doogie Howser, Manchild MD of professordom; OK, it's not too much of a stretch to be a grad student, some freshman comp's TA. But deep down I know I'm not attending classes or teaching them.

Thankfully everyone else doesn't though. I just hope no one recognizes me.

Too late...

College-aged person: "James!"
Me, turning around to look at someone or something behind me.
College-aged person: "James!"
Me, turning back around, figuring what the heck, smiling and then giving him a high-five, her a hug.
College-aged person: "Wait a minute, I thought you graduated."

I guess it's better than going unnoticed. But having moved to a fairly large city - San Francisco - I've kind of gotten used to it.

Well, back to work.

By the way, much to my pleasant surprise, my Christmas humor piece was accepted for publication online today at The Morning News. The original I submitted was somewhat different, but I got a little help from one of the fine fellows in charge there and that, my friend, has made all the difference...


The E said...

J - love your blog, stay up-to-date, see you soon in SC - writing lots of gay stuff lately, huh? Met a guy who knows you tonight peace

Sandra Dee said...

“Getting a sex change.”
—Captain, speech and debate team

Ha! I would never say that about you! :)

Been reading the blog for a while now - good stuff!

Jasmine said...

Just read the Morning New piece -- hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I got here from The Morning News; your article was great, as is your blog.