Monday, December 12

"Fabulous Christmas!" "Gay New Year!" "I love that sweater!"

Inspired today by the Christmas-themed post of my good friend Becky Adnot, very funny girl, I wrote what go down as the Best Christmas Post About Gay Stereotypes Ever. Alas I cannot share it with you until the online publishers read it, find it not as funny as I did, and then reject it. But until then I can tell you the working title:

"How James Yeh Will Probably Be Celebrating Christmas in San Francisco, By The People He Went to High School With Back in South Carolina".

It's a very touching piece, really.

So instead of that I'll give you some links to other people's stuff:

My Cooking Show

Socially Awkward Situations During Which It Would Be Acceptable to Mess With Texas.

Two more days until I'm back in the Upstate!


Anonymous said...

james yeh. i read your piece on the morning news. i am officially smitten.

James said...

Judging by your sentence structure and the all lower-caps writing, I've got a couple ideas on who you are, anonymous...