Tuesday, November 9

november news update

up at 5am

just published my interview with sam pink, author of the new novel person, in the faster times, feel kind of crazy/kind of excited; we talked about computers with crunchy keys, dudes who work at tattoo parlors, glenn beck in a "humanizing" situation, a "severe yet readable" editing style, and how boxing is a lot like writing

reading friday night at the supermachine reading at outpost in clinton hill, brooklyn, 8pm; not sure what i'm going to read yet; any suggestions, feel free to make them

have new stories just out in a bunch of places

here (available by clicking)

here (available by ordering)

here (available by ordering, coupled with bad-ass pictures of the beach, done by a prominent italian photographer, massimo vitali)

2100+ miles biking

ok, passing out now

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