Thursday, November 11

"like the OK corral" / "like harlem"

past 48 hours: attempting to drive to montreal with my friend Jesse and new friend Kunal; running over deer carcass with honda hybrid; winning over mean-looking bros in bar in small town in upstate new york with careful yet insistent combination of "classic rock" and "hard rock" (ac/dc "back in black">rolling stones "sympathy with the devil">roy orbinson "pretty woman" [to weird it up a bit]>black sabbath "war pigs"); staying at a motel "where they put the criminals," according to a person at a convenience store; waking up to discover, in a conversation with the on-duty motel manager, that the bar with mean-looking bros was "like the OK corral"/"like Harlem" -- "i'm impressed you made it out there alive," he concluded; listening to r. stevie moore on private home stereo (~100 listens)

best line of the night:

woman at bar: "what happened to your car?"

us: "we hit a deer carcass in the middle of the highway."

woman at bar: "did you keep the carcass?"

here is a picture i took of their pool table

[update 11/11/10: cross-reference with these pix: jesse hlebo blog]

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