Friday, October 1

Good morning, Lawrence, Kansas.

Last night Lincoln Michel, Chloe Cooper Jones, and I did a reading at University of Missouri Kansas City. Clancy Martin very graciously hosted us. After the reading, we answered questions about literary journals, the contemporary Australian writing scene, and work routines.

Today, at 4pm, Lincoln and I are doing a lecture at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Chloe Cooper Jones, our illustrious host, guide, and companion for the weekend, will be moderating. Later, at 7pm, we'll be doing a reading at Wonder Fair. Won't you join us?

Here's a picture taken with Chloe's iPhone, after the UMKC reading.

It's amazing how youthful Clancy looks.

Year two of the bike experiment continues (concludes?):

175 days (in SF 6 days, main bike broke for 32 days, in berkshires 3 days, in kansas 2 days)
~1829.2 miles
129 bridges (wburg 107x, manhattan 5x, queensborough 6x, pulaski 7x, brooklyn 2x)
81 subways
6 crashes

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