Friday, September 24

The new Deerhunter album "Halcyon Digest" is streaming on NPR

Here it is. I've listened to the album now three times straight through and it is excellent. There are a few surprising instrumental choices -- things are lusher, more textured. Banjos, what sounds like melodicas, and an unexpected somewhat Bowie-esque (or is it post-Bowie-esque?) surprise in the third to last song that I won't spoil. "Halcyon Digest" is out from 4AD on September 28th.

Here's a positive review of it, on Consequence of Sound: "With some combination of glistening swells, syncopated krautrock, or girl group-isms, these songs feel like the logical step to Microcastle and Weird Era Cont."


Bike experiment, Year Two, Week 24 Wrap-up

168 days (in SF 6 days, main bike broke for 30 days, in berkshires 3 days)
~1777.0 miles
125 bridges (wburg 103x, manhattan 5x, queensborough 6x, pulaski 7x, brooklyn 2x)
78 subways

6 crashes

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A-Z said...

Tx 4 the review!
Just listened to Helicopter & loved it.
Don't think i liked their last album but this one sounds so much better.
Best, The Excerpt Reader Blog