Sunday, June 7

meat scarf, softball, free mix cd download, my forthcoming interview with john wray

some of what's been going on in the past week or so:

-i interviewed john wray for the faster times, a new online newspaper, in which we discussed daniel johnston, strange jobs, writing on the subway, and sausage. the faster times website launches june 15 (though i'm not sure when the interview will be published)

-played softball for the new yorker

-saw leonard cohen in boston

-spent six hours or so making a mix cd for my friend dawn's going away party slash "long, lonesome drive back to san francisco." you can download it here.

the playlist:
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Vocals Only) - The Beach Boys
La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg
Sugar Man - Rodriguez
Circulation - Deerhunter
Make Believe Waltz - Som Imaginario
Number One Fool - Fabulous Emotions
Daytime Girl (Original) - Billy Nicholls
The New Pollution - Beck
Hot - Ratatat remix of Missy Elliott
Making Flippy Floppy - Talking Heads
Star Eyes (I Can't Catch It) - Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse, featuring David Lynch
Stringsong - Adron
Evening Gown - The Left Banke
Manta Ray - Pixies
Guys Eyes - Animal Collective
Gold Soundz - Pavement
Danny (Lonely Blue Boy) - Jon Brion
Unknown (Pre Cherry Peel Demo, Track 9) - Of Montreal
O Leaozinho - Caetano Veloso
We'll Meet Again - Johnny Cash
-went to see my friend, the lovely and talented sarah (line and a dot), play and hung out afterwards, wherein i discovered the difference between british and american cigarette warning labels, or as sarah so eloquently described it, "the meat scarf":

sarah also made a US tour video, in which tao lin, miles ross, ben blum, and i make appearances:

Line & a Dot - The Return to New York Tour from Line & a Dot on Vimeo.


sasha fletcher said...

holy shit how was leonard cohen. i did not have the cash money when he came to philadelphia, as all my excess cash money was tied up in springsteen tickets.

James said...

it was great, though i almost fell asleep toward the end. the best part of the night came when he started talking about his anti-depressants and "religious studies". "i didn't realize paxil was a libido inhibitor. i thought i had transcended desire."

ryan said...

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (ISBN 1-58717-066-3) is a book written and illustrated by Norton Juster, first published by Random House in 1963.

James said...


Anonymous said...

i'm sad i had to work and missed your big thing tonight

James said...

it's ok