Tuesday, February 3

lasagna cat

insomnia, followed by facebook wall clicking, followed by this excellent article on "the 8 best internet sketch comedy troupes". the last three hours or so i have spent checking out internet comedy videos on youtube.

Lasagna Cat

Also this one: Garfield believes a whistle he has found is broken, but it is a dog whistle.


Egg Off-Kilter said...

what i love best about this is the music. my favorite was from 0.26 - 0.38. I would like to walk through the woods at night listening to that. Then immediately after when the beat speeds up, I would like to wear a cape and run around lifting it to my face and then pulling it quickly away.

James said...

like dracula?

Egg Off-Kilter said...

yes. or like klaus kinski in nosferatu.