Friday, January 30

The McCarthys (Gchat with Tao Lin)

(Neither Mary nor Tom)

Gchat with Tao Lin (1/30/09):

4:36 PM me: hey man, do you want suttree by cormac mccarthy?
Tao: no
if that's on the list i didnt mean it to be
or changed my mind
me: did you mean some other cormac mccarthy or not
Tao: not
4:37 PM is suttree good
me: i dont know. i read the first 20 pages or so for a class with victoria redel
4:38 PM i feel like i've read enough cormac mccarthy for now
Tao: i feel i dont want to read suttree
4:39 PM me: i feel i would not want you to read it and would not want to tell you to read it either
Tao: okay, good
4:40 PM me: don't read it
Tao: i will not read suttree
me: okay, good
4:43 PM what about child of god
Tao: what is that
i forget
me: it's another book by cormac mccarthy
Tao: no
no mccarthy, i think
4:44 PM me: what about blood meridian
Tao: no
me: what about mary
mary mccarthy
Tao: no, no mccarthy's
4:46 PM me: there is a tom mccarthy
Tao: yes


Mike Young said...

Suttree is maybe my favorite book of ever. If someone gave me the choice between Suttree existing in the world and driving to New York and killing both of you, you would maybe not want to answer your phone.

James said...

but you don't have my phone number, mike.

Mike Young said...

Cormac McCarthy has all numbers, and not just the phone ones.