Wednesday, September 24

Minutiae Infused News Dump

For those who I haven't really been in touch with. A busy last two weeks or so. In that time I:

-got an internship with fiction department at The New Yorker

-got a position teaching a non-credit fiction workshop at Columbia

-tutored. a lot.

-wrote. not a lot.

-bought an awesome road bike, used, off Craigslist, from this long-haired guy from Cleveland. adding to the awesomeness was the fact that he was wearing a pink Simpsons shirt from probably 1985 or so.

-bought a lot of awesome stuff to make my awesome bike more awesome

-separated with the girl I had been seeing non-exclusively

-didn't lose my wallet, bike, or iPod (although there were moments of doubt)

-saw Jim Jarmusch on the F train

-saw My Bloody Valentine, before seeing Jim Jarmusch on the F train

-saw the Mets

-gave away tickets to see the Mets


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new internship/teaching position/bike; sounds like things are going well!

Unknown said...

new yorker!