Saturday, June 23

impressive people and more searches

as you might know, i've been doing a lot of traveling lately. one of the benefits of travel, along with the drunken conversation material and inherent glamour of it all, is the people you meet. i don't know what it is, but people are drawn to others in motion, which includes yours truly. something about the fleeting nature of it all hints at spontaneity,

a few of impressive people or friends of impressive people I’ve met recently

(this is not a name-drop or a boast-fest, simply just notes so I can remember and share with you, my friends...also apologies on the mixed all lower-case and regular capitilizations...I'm being lazy)

-a voice actress who did all the female voices on south park for a couple years. she was completely insane and, surprisingly, completely brilliant. everything about her...from the lit-up eyes, to the crazy person’s laugh, to the constant stream of provocative and quotable conversation — in regards to disappointing people: “i’ve been mistaking insanity for original thought” — to the trots to the women’s room, holding court with nearly everyone in the bar, girls who saw as a heroine, guys who saw her as a goddess/floozy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The night ended rather strangely in us gathering around an apartment I had been to back in college and sitting a circle as people (a former professor included) smoked pot. Abruptly, the voice actress began doing yoga poses in the middle of the room. "The downward dog," she explained, her head toward the ground, ass in the air. "The cobra."

-a Pulitzer-Prize winning author who I had looked up to for the last few years. I took a two week class with him. He was in his mid-60’s and just as passionate and earnest and intelligent about what he was doing as anyone I’ve ever met. Sort of looks like Clint Eastwood too, which I guess certainly doesn’t hurt. The guy was full of the most inspiring and interesting anecdotes, ranging from John Updike balling his fists and asking the "what the fuck did just you say to me?" to Raymond Carver being unreceptive to criticism.

-in france, a 19 year-old Brazilian whose father was friends with the father of Seu Jorge – “we would have dinner there and sometimes Seu would be hanging around out back, stoned”. I know this is not really that cool, but given the distance factor I have to share.

and, of course, recent searches that have led here:
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  • hot young writers

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