Friday, June 8

much-needed update

well the ole blog has floundered into disrepair and i have europe and moving to a new apartment thank for it. anyways, so i'm back in nyc for the rest, well most, of the summer.

(i will, however, be back down south june 18-25, so if you're around, call or email and i will do my damndest to visit or at least explain why i'm unable to [probably laziness -- or "the heat"].)

some random/recent news/happenings:
  • moved to a new apt, about forty yards away from my old one. but now my address includes the word "broadway", which is infinitely cooler than the previous "claremont".
  • undertaken a mission: "four languages, four instruments, four years". this isn't four new languages or instruments but rather four total languages and instruments.
  • joined a band. as of now, i will function as bass player slash "multi-instrumentalist". we are currently trying to come up with a name and updates (and mp3's!) are forthcoming. the band is, as my friend christina would say, somewhat ruefully, "indie pop". think the shins meets t-rex meets weezer and you're probably not too far off.
  • saw sherman alexie read
  • thought it was awesome
  • wrote nearly six hours today
  • updated my blog for the first time in almost a month
and some stuff i liked, but because it's 3am i'm not going to really say more about it other than i liked it:
  • wilco "sky blue sky"
  • the new justice album
  • fat city by leonard gardner
  • hal hartley's henry fool


Becky said...

Hey! My blog is BACK! Check it out: (It's a secret blog).

Becky said...

Also I saw Grizzly Man and I did not find it uplifting. In fact I think I picked a fight with Kevin after watching it.

James said...

secretbecky, was the fight about your opinion of the movie?