Monday, April 23

summer iternary (subject to change, weather, and flights of fancy)

may 4 - 5: washington, dc
may 7 - 29: lyon, france (europe, in general)
may 30 - ?: back to nyc
early june: anderson, sc and charleston, sc
late june - late july: back to nyc
august-ish: beach in va or nc

please let me know if you will be around and we can meet up and do typical "friend" things, like going to see indie rock bands or drinking.


Anonymous said...

I will busy until June 18th, but then I'll have a few days to bum around, scouring the scene for indie rock and booze - let me know


Anonymous said...

Jimby, I just picked up a copy of your little journal thing. Very loverly product!

Enjoy Parreeee!



James said...

that's fantastic, benny. where'd you find it?

Anonymous said...

Bawduhs. I read it and ate carrot cake. :-)

Anonymous said...

PS- don't skimp on the Barcelona snaps!

Harry the Hire said...

hey! If you're doing a general/random European thing you're more than welcome to come visit Poland (Ilive just 2 hours from Berlin)

German Wings or Air Berlin will get you here cheaply.

Let me know - drop me a line on

hey, I sold a film script too!