Wednesday, May 9


Bonjour from Lyon. Today was spent sleeping on and off at strange hours of the day. Highlights included watching the electric blue sunrise come in at 5:30am, witnessing some kind of bizarre street carnival, and eating a delicious meal whose name was translated on the menu as "calf sweepstakes". (I tried looking this up on both wiki and google, but to no avail. Whatever it was it was tender and succulent.) Tomorrow Christina, my newfound friend, and I will be embarking on a ten or so day eurail trip with several nights in Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Updates will be delayed if at all until l I get back to Lyon.

Before leaving for my great European adventure (Eurotrash Summer 2007) my friend A gave me some sage advice on what to do while in Europe: "Get a hooker. Eat cured meats." I haven't done either, but I have learned a few new facts:

-In France, toilet paper is pink.
-In Germany, the paper towels in the men's room are green.
-In Lyon, there are men who go to restaurants wearing t-shirts that say, in English, "Blowjob is better than no job. The backs of these shirts have the word "Sextoy" printed alongside a picture of an electric dildo. Oh yeah, this guy was with a girl.