Thursday, August 3

Random state factoids

So I took a Craigslist rideshare back to SC Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Unfortunately I don't have any crazy stories about the two girls I rode down with. They were nice people, with no (at least visible) perversities. Damn.

But I did learn two things:

1. You cannot pump your own gas in New Jersey. They have a gas station attendant union and it's illegal or something to do so. In fact, I don't even think you're allowed to exit your vehicle while at the station. Which makes no sense. I mean, do people really need a guy to swipe their credit cards for them?

2. You cannot sit at the Applebee's bar unless you are 21+ in Pennsylvania.

GUY: [tending bar in dead-end hate-his-life Applebee's job in Carlisle, PA] "Can I see some ID?"

US: [giving him strange looks] "OK...?"

GUY: "Sorry, it's the law."

How weird. Not that South Carolina's laws are any better, particularly when alcohol is involved. At bars until about a year or two ago, we were required by law to serve our liquors in tiny little bottles (called "mini-bottles"). We also aren't allowed to sell alcohol past midnight on Saturday because "Sunday sales" are also against the law. "Blue Laws" they call them. "Lame" I call it.


barista brat said...

crazy! i had no idea about those "blue laws".

guess you're happy to be in ny where you can drink to you're heart's content (well, at least until 2am) - not that i'm inferring you're a gin soaked shirtless hipster or anything.

James said...

4am actually! Maybe even later, although I haven't checked into it yet...

Oh and thanks for the compliment. But I'm not a gin-soaked shirtless hipster -- I'm a gin-soaked shirtless hipster with a blog.

angel said...

so, are you back in sc?

about the mini-bottles ... the law just changed in january, apparently ... but some bars are still using mini-bottles until they run out.

yeah, blue laws are incredibly lame. stores also can't open until 1 pm and you can't even buy alcohol from the grocery store on sundays. damn bible belt.

Harry the Hire said...

When I was fourteen, somewhere back in the dark ages of that decade you inexplicably seem to love, we were all going to pubs at the age of fiteen. We used to show fake birth cirtificates at the door and be let through. Every now and then a suspicious bouncer would ask you your star sign and if your date of birth was not yours then you might be chucked out, but it was all just a gesture anyway, really, and the bouncers were not that thick. I mean, what kind of 20 year old bloke carries his birth certificate on him as ID and not his driver's licence?

A friend from school had a lucrative business making fake ID's - he had blotting paper and certificate stamps and everything and he sold to everyone at school. I think he's a drug dealer now.

Harry the Hire said...

When I was fourteen we were all going to the pubs at fifteen... did I just say that? Fuck, it sounds like a Keanu Reeves film. Now I'm thinking it might have been sixteen when I was fourteen.