Thursday, August 24

10,000 hit celebration!

10,000 hits -- wow.

Like a sorority girl at a debutante ball, I feel as if I have finally "arrived". Where has the time gone? It seems only yesterday I was sitting in front of a computer at a desk in a small room in a small apartment in Clemson, South Carolina, the Blogger toolbar in front of me for the first time, a vaguely clever idea hanging on my furrowed brow. And now look at me -- still sitting in front of a computer with brow furrowed, but this time in an even smaller room in an even smaller apartment in...well...OK, I am doing a little bit better for myself...

Man -- no wonder Becky Adnot stopped reading (or at least commenting on my blog).

Anyways, Becky or no Becky, what I was saying is that, in the next few days, I'll be reaching a milestone, of sorts. Now mind you, I'm not big on celebrations. I hate parades, birthdays, and most religious holidays (kidding, mom -- I love Easter and Christmas -- you know, when I go to the Catholic church with you and wait in the pews, alone, while you and everybody else there receives communion -- yeah, those religious holidays). But regardless of all that, I am going to make an exception here. The way I see it, this is online and on the internets, different rules apply entirely. And because of that, I think I just might celebrate: by upgrading the site. Depending on a variety of factors (well really only one: my roommate's willingness to lend his website-creating magic), you will see anything from a massive upgrade to a minor, barely noticeable ding. I'm hoping for the former, but we shall see.

Oh and just for "funsies", why not -- A CONTEST.

If you are the 10,000th visitor, take a snapshot of it. For those of you who are less computer-savvy, this means doing the following:

-Pressing "PrtSc" button at the top of your keyboard. (This copies your screen.)
-Opening up Paintbrush or any other similar photo program and then paste the picture.
-Saving as a jpeg.
-Sending to yours truly.

See -- simple!

And your prize? The mix every cool kid is listening to: "What the yellowredneck is listening to, August 2006, NYC". Or, if you prefer, something else. My feelings won't be hurt. Perhaps a themed compilation like "Songs by Dead Gay Guys" or "Songs From Albums with Naked People on the Cover"?

OK, OK, I admit it. I haven't quite figured out what I want to give you yet. Maybe it won't even have anything to do with music. But trust me -- it'll be something good. Or decent. Or at least not shitty.

I hope.


barista brat said...


i'll try again tomorrow. whoops, it's almost 6am my time. i'll try later on today.

Robb said...


Wow. We could be here for a while...

Harry the Hire said...

I'm no' 9962

dude! I just got offered a paid job to blog for an Australian newspaper!

I don't deserve it of course, but I'll take the money and run!!!!

James said...

Congrats, Light -- do you have any subject parameters? Or is it just whatever the hell you want?

The countdown begins...

I just hope #10,000 isn't some random clicker or, heaven forbid, a spammer.

Harry the Hire said...

I'm free to do what I want butthere has to be some kind of 'theme' - I'm thinking maybe film stuff. I used to review films in London and I'm moving closer to a feature film deal with a director at the moment. Might write with a 'desperate middle-aged writer tries to sell his script' theme.

jenneral said...

9999. Man, I am so tempted to hit "refresh".