Saturday, April 29

That Robb. He a funny guy.

We have a winner of the caption contest! Thanks to everyone who commented. You guys all did a great job, but alas, a winner must be chosen. And that winner is Robb--although there might be grumbles that he submitted the most times and, therefore, had the most chances to win. Perhaps next time there will be a limit.

So, Robb, what CD do you want? Or would you prefer a postcard?

By the way, as a consolation prize, to everyone who submitted a caption I will send two mp3's of a band I just heard about called Islands (thanks Jenn). Just email your emails to me @


Harry the Hire said...


well, yeah, he did post the most entries, but that just means he would have won twice.

His first stab was rank-o-vitza, but the 2nd and 3rd plugs had me C.U.N.Ting

Harry the Hire said...

Chucking Until Night Time


Benny said...

It doesn't really matter what ROBB wants, does it? You're just going to send him that Twee(dy) fellow.

PS- I am officially tagging you.

All Best,


James said...

I wasn't planning on it, B, but thanks for reminding me. If Robb doesn't have the complete and unabridged Tweedy collection, he doesn't have enough.