Wednesday, January 18

I know semi-famous people

I should be writing or sleeping right now, but I just read a fascinating article on The Morning News and I feel compelled to tell you, reader, about it. The article concerned reality TV shows and their psychological effects on their contestants, and like all well-written things
(and The Discovery Channel), it piqued my own curiosity concerning the topic.

It made me think about a girl I went to high school with (I'd venture to even maybe call her a friend) who was a contestant on the Real World San Diego. When I first heard about her being on the show, I was really happy for her, and interested to find out what it was like. But I never asked her about it, and the whole idea of it isn't really that exciting anymore. Still, thanks to this article, I'm again very tempted to do my own journalistic research. Not because I want to talk to someone "famous" or to say I talked to someone famous, but because I think it's interesting as hell.

Thoughts on reality TV--love it or hate it? Or both?

I have to say I've actually grown pretty indifferent to it these days. It's interesting to analyze and read about, but, honestly, I get bored with these people.

But not this one:

Congratulations, C. You know you've made it when the question who is hotter, you or Haylie Duff, is asked. As for me, I'm still getting put up against the likes of William Hung in the hotness contest--and losing.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Radio!! :)

Robb said...

I guess I'd have to say that reality TV is still somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me.
And as for Cameran, what is she doing now? Do we know?

James said...

Of course not, Kathryn. He doesn't merely get "semi-famous" ranking, but "semi-institution/icon" status.

As far as Cameran, I think she's living in Denver, Robb. The think the last time I talked to her she said she was doing stuff with NFL Films.

Anonymous said...

James- You are also hotter than chou yung fat, little richie and carrot top.

James said...

Have you seen Carrot Top lately, Alden? He's SWOLL.

Benny said...

J-by, don't be so modest. You know you're hot.

My only reality TV crush was on Irish Punk Rocker Dominic, Real World Season Two: LA. I was in elementary school and spending too much time with cool older people.

Back then, people had REAL issues. And they didn't all sound alike when they talked. They didn't analyze themselves in the confession rooms, either. Or take their clothes off or have lesbian trysts because they knew half of America was watching. Back then, people had some self-respect. And the Real World soundtrack as ten times better, too.

All Best,


James said...

B, my self-esteem is now soaring. As Sherman Alexie would say, "Like a fucking eagle or something."

And for someone who has disavowed television, you sure do know a lot about reality TV...

Just sayin',

Benny said...

Dood, I was, like, eight! Totally under the influence of fake sugar and food coloring.

...Oi! You're talking about right now. Yeah, well. I don't watch TV. I just watch the commercials.

Speaking of Sherman Alexie- I was just looking at his photo today. (I keep it by my bedside.) It must be said: no one in literary history has worked the mullet to such advantage! If you grew your hair out like that, James, you'd be ten times hotter. Your self-esteem could soar ten times higher...



James said...

If you had facebook, you would be able to see that I already am in the process of making myself ten times hotter. Sherman Alexie is one of my heroes--not because of his award-winning, anthologized, funny and sad short stories, but because of, you guessed it, his coiffure.

Sherman Alexie Stole My Hairstyle and Other Stories= the working title of my first book

Benny said...

Oh, boy. I DO have Facebook. And you'd better believe I'm headed over there right now!



Anonymous said...

i swear, if you allow yourself to have a mullet, i will dutifully beat you.


James said...

Got mullet-tude??

Because I sure as hell do.

Benny said...

J-by, you need to keep posting new things all the time. I get sick of posting on my own blog. It's more fun to read what other people have to say.

I've got fists full of fork and spoon, and I'm-a poundin'em on the dinner table: "New Things! New Things! New Things!"

Re: Gods,


James said...

Benny, you want it; you've got it.