Friday, January 13

I heart SF. And ninjas. But not JT LeRoy.

Sorry, I've been busy filling out grad school applications and reading about the whole JT LeRoy hoax uproar. If you don't know who JT LeRoy is, honestly, you're not missing all that much.

The gist of it is that basically it was recently discovered that 26 year-old JT LeRoy, a writer/former heroin addict/truck stop prostitute/celebrity and literati darling, was actually Laura Albert, a 39 year-old aspriring rock musician and mother of one, and that LeRoy's self-proclaimed "semi-autobiographical" tales laden with child abuse and urban street life were not so semi-autobiographical. I'm leaving out quite a bit-like the fact that LeRoy was supposedly gay, or had with AIDS, or was "played" in public by an actress-but, as you can see, it's a bit convoluted.

The backlash has already started. I think this is what you might call ironic.

In other literary news I've discovered a grad school I'm applying to will have Denis Johnson as guest faculty this upcoming fall. (If you don't know who Denis Johnson is, I must say [at the expense of sounding pretentious, BECKY], that you are missing out. I'm embarassingly and horribly under-read, but, in my humble and understated opinion, his short story collection Jesus' Son is the best book ever written. EVER.)

Normally I'm not very easily excitable, but when I heard about it, I got so pumped up I had to go straight to this website:

So here's to me tricking them into thinking I have "potential" and letting me in to study with Denis Johnson. A scholarship or a position as a teaching assistant would be nice too. Or a helper monkey to do stuff like cook and clean and provide me with hours of light entertainment.

Finally, after four months of residence here (with a three week hiatus back in SC for Christmas) I've come to the conclusion, that yes, I do enjoy living in San Francisco. Call me crazy (or boring, or moronic), but I hadn't really been having that great of a time since moving out here. But now I see it. San Francisco, yes, San Francisco! The diverse people, the beautiful and interesting places, the transvestites from Savannah, Georgia who have somehow randomly ended up on Geary Avenue, looking for a homeless shelter. I heart it all.

But not this "guy".

Author JT LeRoy, shown here proving a lot of smart people not so smart.


Trevor said...

Speaking of literary frauds, James Frey has been in the news because he made up all sorts of shit for his "memoir", A Million Little Pieces.

Which leads me to conclude that I should probably do some serious fact-checking before releasing my upcoming biography of George W. Bush, The Tranny Years

James said...

Yeah, I heard about that too. I don't really know James Frey's writing though. Is he any good?

Robb said...

I think he actually came to Clemson and spoke once. Can't remember who was telling me how great it was. All I remember was thinking, "Wow, I bet that guy is making all that stuff up".
But that's just me. I tend to be unusually perceptive. As well as somewhat of a liar myself.

James said...

You're right, Robb. I just googled it.

Trevor said...

That picture at the end of the entry looks a lot like Corey Feldman, circa 1998. Or 1994. Or today. But anyway, it looks a lot like Corey Feldman

And Corey Haim is nowhere in sight...weird.

James said...

It does!