Friday, December 2

So I was bored (and a little tipsy) tonight...

And I changed my blog template. What do you guys think? I'm not sold on this one yet.

Warning: your comments may have a direct impact on the appearance of this blog in the days to come. By the way, if anyone is really tech-savvy and has a template they wouldn't mind me using, I'd do some really desperate things for you. Like hold up a boombox playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" outside your window or something of equal gushiness factor.

P.S. Points for simplicity. I really like how this one looks:


Amichai said...

I'm not really a fan of any of the templates, but have no idea how to create my own.

John said...

Me and Lady Hearteater have been customizing out blogs for about a month now. I've given a few HTML tricks in my blog...but the best I can tell you is to study up over at Skim through the HTML tutorial, cuz you might find something you didn't know. Definately study the CSS tutorial. Our templates are basically all CSS.

If you have specific desires (i.e. backgrounds, fonts, colors, etc), holler at me and I can help.

I do some testing over at
I can toss your template in there and try stuff out fer ya.


Trevor said...

I don't know what to suggest as a better template, but I really want you to hold up that boombox underneath my window.

I just picked one that looked simple enough, I've never really thought about changing it. I'm a creature of habit, pretty much.

James said...

Thanks for the input, guys. Now I have a project to work on during