Friday, December 30

One more album

Another album I forgot:

Feist - Let It Die 3
Good, but not great. Don't get me wrong - she's a phenominally talented singer, I absolutely love her subtle guitar-playing, and there are some real gems on the album (basically the first half of the album - and a guilty pleasure being "L'Amour ne Dure Pas Toujours"). When the lyrics and her voice are the focus, she shines. But other times there is a little bit of 80's-era production, and it's a bit much for me. And lyrics like "I love you inside and out" over a dance beat strike me as a little cheesy. Sorry. Basically this is an album you should probably check out - the critics aren't wrong about her. Just be ready to feel that it could have been better.

OK, enough of music snobbery. I'm going to go listen to some Elton John now. Make of that what you will.


Anonymous said...

You know that "Inside and Out" is a Beegees cover, right?

Amichai said...

I've been hearing more and more about the Decemberists for all sorts of people. Now I'm definately going to have to check them out.

Robb said...

I think it says a lot about your readership that you got 1 comment on your sports-related post, and 8 comments on your music-related post. Ok 9 comments, if you count mine. Which you can't, by the way.
Good list, James. It's been harder to keep abreast of new music now that I'm a working stiff, so I need young hipster whippersnappers like yourself to do the job for me.

James said...

Interesting point, Robb. My so-called sports post was more about Paul Shirley's blog than anything else, but I don't know if anyone gave it a chance other than you and Kevin after my introduction in which I used the word "sports". Maybe I can trick those in my artsy fartsy readership into reading every post by beginning each one with a controversial stance on a popular music group, then going into my events/musings for the day. "The Killers are the most overrated bastards I've ever heard in my life. The Braves traded Andrew and Chipper Jones today to the Mets. I'm going to kill myself."

Robb said...

"I heard that Fiona Apple actually spit on a guy at her last concert. I can't believe that Johnny Damon is a Yankee now. I bet somebody Bronx Bombs his ass."

Trevor said...


What's wrong with a little Elton John? You said that at the end of your post like it's a bad thing to listen to Sir Elton's extensive body of work.

For shame, sir...for shame.

James said...


There's nothing wrong with Sir Elton. I don't think there's a group who doesn't like his music - which makes him a perfect target for a true music snob, as I aspire to be.

Amichai said...

Be Wary. Hipster indie rock is slowly being refered to as Yuppster rock. That's right, thanks to shows like the OC, Rich white kids are taking over the scene just like they did to gangster rap. I mean I'm all for the proliforation of good music, but the snob part of me finds it much less fun when everyone else knows about it.