Thursday, October 27

I'm famous! (Sort of, in an online kinda way.)

So today I got published on Yankee Pot Roast, an online literary humor site. Check it out here: What I would have done to that jerk who asked me, "Hey you know karate", had I actually known karate



Anonymous said...

Somehow you have exactly what I was looking for! My friend will surely think the same. Okay to share your blog? Feel free to check out my blog, and I also have a dog houses site all about dog houses.

Truly a fantastic job you've done!

Liz said...

James, I got here from YRP. Your post was extremely funny. I enjoy all absurdist humor. I'm planning on linking you as well, though I just have a regular blog and I'm not trying to sell you any doghouses. Do you have dog? Might want to turn on word verifier now that your famous cause I'm thinking that's a spam comment, though an unusually nice
one :)