Monday, September 19

Lists about me

I know lists are kind of boring, but they are a very efficient way to disseminate a lot of information. So if you want to know about James in roughly 150 words or less, continue below. If you want a story to go with it, tough. I only have a daily allotment of creativity and I've used it all up on the "Statement of Purpose" sections of grad school apps. It's a pretty daunting topic, if you think about it.

And now the lists:

Creative Writing MFA grad schools I'm applying to:
U of California-Irvine
U of Washington
U of Oregon
San Francisco State U
U of Southern Cal (MPW program)
Texas State U-San Marcos

U of Arizona
Boise State
Florida State U
San Diego State U

Books I'm reading:
Vladimir Nabokov "Lolita"
Lorrie Moore "Self-Help"

Bands I like that I found thanks to's "High Fidelity" station:
Broken Social Scene
The Magnetic Fields
Rogue Wave
Keren Ann
Cat Power
The Sea and Cake

Bands I no longer think are overrated:
Bloc Party

Bands I still think are overrated:
Snow Patrol

Individuals I've talked to today (face to face):
My mom
My dad
My dog

Words to describe what I'm feeling when, on the blank for "mailing address" on graduate applications, I type "San Francisco, CA":

Yeah, this is probably a pretty lame post. But think how good the next will be, relatively speaking! So to make up for it, here's a picture I took over the summer of what I'll miss about South Carolina and Clemson in particular.

Did you think it was going to be a rebel flag or a mobile home or something?

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