Tuesday, July 26

Hey man, I saw you at the airport...about five minutes ago...and you were good

I just got back from Houston today and am, for the moment, once again in upstate SC. (Elation ensues.) In addition to the photographs, memories, and other warm, fuzzy things I have from Houston, I have brought back something else: a sinus infection. Note to self: don't get sinus infection before flying in airplane. It really, really hurts.

Another complaint about flying in airplanes: I don't think children under the age of ten should be allowed to fly in the passenger cabin. This one two-and-a-half year old (I overheard her mother answer somebody) sat in the seat behind me on my Continental flight from Houston>Tampa and made some of the worst racket I'd ever heard. You know how when pets fly, they have cages and are stored on the plane entirely separately from the human passengers? Well, they should have the same for kids who want to fly too. They should stick Junior in a breathable, lightweight travel kennel, attach one of those little name and address tags onto the cage's handle, and then hand him/her over to the airline attendent who will carefully place him/her onto the conveyor belt labeled "check-in luggage", the child barking and whimpering the entire way. Already there are harnesses for toddlers that have leases connected to them, so this is just keeping in with a trend, really.

I did some internet research and found these great kennels for children:
Insert baby here-->

And this deluxe-sized model, for twins.

But I seem to have gotten a bit carried away. The real point of this entry is to say this:

More pictures are coming soon--Boston! Houston! Austin! Ex-girlfriends! Ex-boyfriends! Nude!

Just kidding. Or am I?

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