Monday, January 16

Where Is My Mind?

Winter is a time for shedding the old and unnecessary. Or so it seems, based on everything I've been leaving behind, in coffee shops, bars, classrooms...

Today, riding to meet a friend for lunch, I realized I had left my keys at my apartment. Thankfully I was able to share a lock with one of the coffee shop employees. A few hours and another coffee shop later I realized I had left my knit hat behind somewhere. Luckily that too was OK; someone had seen it on the floor and turned it in.

It seems I need to revisit my departure procedures: in the past month I've lost, forgotten, or left behind the following possessions: scarf, iPhone(!), gloves, bike lock, in addition to the previously mentioned keys and knit hat. Somehow, fairly miraculously, out of all these items, the only thing that got lost was one of the gloves.

In other news, despite frigid temperatures, I'm still riding most places. So far this year, I've totaled 94.5 miles. Last year I rode ~2880.4 miles; the year before that (2010), I rode 2323.4 miles; and the year before that (2009), 1014.9 miles. I haven't had a lot of luck riding in the winter. Last January I crashed twice, and the year before that, I broke my two front teeth.

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