Thursday, September 1

Don't Fly Delta.

Completely infuriating experience with Delta on my return flight to New York. Not even worth going into here--I'm saving it for a long and detailed email back to their corporate offices. Somebody was telling me the old joke behind their name: "D.E.L.T.A.: Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive." I found out the hard way. Using the opportunity as a chance to release myself from the shackles of material possessions. Also, there was definitely about four seconds during the flight where we all thought we were going to crash. My stomach did the rollercoaster flip and there was a horrified silence among all the passengers, then some children started screaming. This happened a second time, then the pilot came on with a somewhat confused, perhaps even faintly belligerent, tone, where he explained some things in an inarticulate way, something about "not informed," "our flight path," and "quick pushover." He said he was sorry "if some of [us] were alarmed, but that everything was now OK." Not exactly the most assuring statement. I've seriously spent ten to twelve hours trying to get my luggage back from them and am basically accepting that it is lost and will never be returned. Not flying them ever again unless they either, somehow, miraculously, find it or they give me a bunch of money back.

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