Monday, January 11

i have been busy; i am doing two readings this week

-i am reading this wednesday night with dave ruder, lydia bell and jack reilly at northeast kingdom in bushwick, brooklyn, 9:30pm, small donations accepted

-UPDATED: i am reading this thursday night with rachel sherman, sam apple and aaron lake smith at vol. 1 storytelling at bar matchless in greenpoint, brooklyn, this reading is at 7pm NOT 8pm as i accidentally listed earlier, free

-UPDATED: my new/old roommate ben blum and i shot a "short promotional video" for zachary german's new novel eat when you get sad

-i've been writing a lot of things for my neighborhood weekly

-i've been "low-level" sick for the last few days

-i had two short stories neither accepted nor rejected by an online literary magazine

-i read a bunch of graphic novels, including maus ii by art spiegelman, persepolis by marjane satrapi, chicken with plums also by marjane satrapi; a collection of poems by denis johnson (man amongst the seals); and about seven or eight tobias wolff stories, which i found "satisfying"


Anonymous said...

HI BLOOM<333333333
tell aaron i said hey also please :)
actually i'll just probably prank call you guys that night

Paul said...

go graphic novels!

if you get a chance, check out "ghost world" and "black hole"

"the push man and other stories" is pretty great also

James said...

yeah i've heard good things about dan clowes and charles burns. i like burns's believer illustrations.

have you checked out the new vice fiction issue? some good stuff there from dash shaw, lisa hanawalt and others.

Paul said...

dash shaw is awesome

guess i should check it out