Thursday, January 28

gigantic news informative

gigantic tree sketch by andrew bulger
gigantic in-house illustrator/person i am collaborating with
on a project that will combine my words and his drawings


new gigantic online content at
1 internationally-acclaimed author, 1 lesser known but soon to be acclaimed local author, ~2 video games created based on films by matthew barney
new gigantic print issue soon to be released
~48 pages, ~7 fabricated bios of "famous and/or powerful americans" by "famous and/or powerful authors"
new gigantic sponsored reading
feb 11, 2010 at bar matchless in greenpoint (~20 readers, ~2 musical guests, "rock 'n' roll related")
new gigantic launch party
feb 27, 2010 at PPOW gallery in chelsea (more details soon forthcoming)

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