Tuesday, September 29

some news slash stuff i did

UPDATE (9/30/09): some of my stuff is going to be in print. 30 under 30, an anthology edited by lily hoang and blake butler has been picked up by starcherone books and will be published in spring 2001. very exciting stuff. some of the writers being published include: gigantic contributor shane jones, rachel b. glaser, mike young, and many others i know and/or love.

"the donger and me" by adrian tomine

i was podcast for my friend montana wojczuk's blog "books that saved my life," reading poems by david berman, tao lin, roberto bolano and frank o'hara

my story "some kind of change" was selected as a weekly "recommended story" on the website fictionaut (25 views, 12 comments, 4 "faves")

i am interviewing graphic novelist and illustrator adrian tomine for my magazine gigantic


Catherine Lacey said...

WOW! They're going back in time to print the book in the last pre-9/11 spring! Way to go! Does that mean you're almost 40 now?

James said...

i know! pretty innovative, huh?