Sunday, June 21

bike experiment, days 7 and 8

day 7: 10 miles
7 day total: 70 miles


day 8: 6.0 miles

though i've said this before, i think today's going to be the day i finally get a helmet.

this is the one i like:

UPDATE (6/22): Guess what I didn't do.


Zachary German said...

i have a helmet

James said...

you want to sell it?

Unknown said...

One of my favorite cycling blogs, based right in NYC -

James said...

man, that's a great blog! thanks for the tip, derek.

pr said...

Hey James,
did you get those books I sent you? I've really enjoyed Gigantic. (Bought it at Bookcourt).

Cycling in the city outside of prospect park gives me hives. be careful.

Zachary German said...

look at you! red shirt!

ryan said...

hi james