Friday, June 19

bike experiment, day 6

Gchat with Tao Lin (6/19/09)

7:20 PM me: i've been riding my bike like a motherfucker
7:21 PM Tao: nice
are you 'more fit' now
or did you lose weight or something

6 minutes
7:28 PM me: i am more fit now
when i walk i feel more powerful
Tao: nice
me: like when the ground pushes me, i push back
but harder
7:30 PM Tao: jesus
seems sweet


total for day 6: 11.6 miles

total for 6 days: 64.7 mi

subway trips for the day: 2

subway trips for the week: 7

"near misses" for the day: 2 (guy on a bike clipped me at the bottom of the williamsburg bridge; accidentally rubbed tires with ben at a high speed)


Ben Blum said...

wanna rub tires? i said
i don't know if i should, you said
it's cool baby, relax, i said


anyone else wants to rub tires at high speed, msg me.

James said...