Thursday, February 19

Gigantic news

(Known for a different kind of "Gigantic")

A big, big update on the Gigantic front:

Gigantic now has a facebook group.

is now being linked to and talked about a little: here, here and here.

is now going to have Malcolm Gladwell interviewed by Tao Lin interviewed by our very own Rozalia Jovanovic (who also has a piece up in this month's issue of elimae).

Gigantic is now going have to a story by Ed Park.

Gigantic is now the #1 Google search for "gigantic" and "'gigantic'". (For comparison's sake, the Pixies' "Gigantic" is #8.) Unbelievable, yes, I know.

UPDATE (2/19/09): Unbelievable was right. Gigantic is NOT now beating the Pixies or even the word, "gigantic". Google had tailored its search results to my Firefox. I did not know that. Now I do. We are like probably search #3922872334 or something. I don't know. I tried looking and got tired. If someone wants to search for it, let me know and I'll fix this.

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