Tuesday, February 24

big week last week/this week: i am being anthologized

(I don't know where this came from, or who did it, but it's pretty badass. looks kind of like royal art lodge.)

some of what has happened:

-just found out i will have some pieces in the "30 under 30" anthology of innovative writers under age 30, edited by blake butler and lily hoang. i submitted 5 one-page or so short stories, interlinked and collectively titled "you don't need a place to sleep if you don't plan on sleeping" or "5 shorts". bb does quality, everything he touches turns to awesome. m stoked very much about this

-helped edit/update this: GIGANTIC #1 ONE-SENTENCE PROSE PREVIEW

-did two readings, thank you for coming if you came

-after the second reading, threw an after party with ben at my apartment. geniuses were in attendance. sadly no pictures were taken, i got too drunk to remember, also my camera is pink (a xmas present from my father, pink was the cheapest color they had)

-met some fantastic new people (hellos to kathleen, kyle, kim, kendra, krag, kristoph, claus, erin, there are others)

-got "solicited"

-lost my phone

-found my phone

-wrote a not insignificant amount of facebook and gchat updates, alerting friends to both these occurences

-and now i'm prepping to interview gary shteyngart about meat, over meat. the man is an interview monster.

here he is discussing katz's delicatessan, pickles, and virility:


tye said...

Congrats, James. I met Lily a few years back. She's a sharp writer and a sweet girl.

James said...

tye, thank you