Thursday, January 15

me in elimae, part 2

i am in the january issue of the great and powerful electronic literary magazine elimae. the title of the story they published is "untitled". it is short.

full table of contents for the jaunary issue here. also published among others in this issue is rick moody. i can now say, at parties, "i have been published among others with rick moody."

UPDATE (1/30/09): this post reminded of this great story by rick moody, entitled "boys".


me and the other me said...

congrats! don't know about you- but i really like rick moody. at least, i like his writing.

James said...

thank you, me.

i don't really know that much about rick moody's writing. i remember reading his story "boys" and liking it, though.

update: i just found a pdf of it here. it's pretty tremendous.