Friday, January 23

Gator vs hat, reading vs james, Gigantic

(Gator on hat)

Gchat with Michelle Legro (1/16/09):

11:49 AMme: i do like the idea of man's archetypal conflict though
man vs nature
man vs moth
man vs the unknown
Michelle: ponies vs. self
me: my brain just exploded!
11:50 AM Michelle: llama vs. the unknown
me: gator vs hat
Michelle: know I just imagine a pissed off gator wearing a hat
me: i think that could be a good tv show as well
Michelle: thinking "I'll get you one day hat"
11:52 AMme: yeah, he can't take it off because his arms too short
if only he was smart enough to just go into the water
11:53 AMbut he's not
and there's the drama


I am doing a reading next Wednesday (1/28/09) at Guerrilla Lit in the East Village. Reading along with me are Greg Sanders (author of Motel Girl) and Jessie Male. The reading starts at 7:30pm. More info here and here. Thank you.


Updates now up on the Gigantic blog. Some of our favorite fragments in digestible (and YouTube-able) list format. Two personal contributions: Annie Hall's singing in Annie Hall and Lou Reed's noises during "Sweet Jane". A second installment of the fragments soon to follow.

Look for Gigantic #1 to be arriving April 2009.
Gigantic #1

Featuring new words from Justin Taylor, Pedro Ponce, Yuka Igarashi, Dan Bevacqua, Lauren Spoher, and many other new and exciting voices; strange and beautiful art and photography; Joe Wenderoth and Deb Olin Unferth on "bad" art; Tao Lin on "genius"; and Gary Shteyngart on "meat".

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