Thursday, December 11

Mad Rad, Caribou, elimae, Sebadoh

Stuff I like:

-Seattle hip-hoppers Mad Rad are sick, as is their 2008 debut White Gold. Sick beats, sick flows -- they're even sick at house-guesting (they crashed on my roommate's and my couch and floor when they were in town and were very gracious). The Mad Rad crew manage to fuse old-school Dre, Gnarls Barkley, and skinny jeans into an unironic and original sound that never slips into "white people rapping".

-Canadian psych-rockers Caribou. Both their most recent album 2007's Andorra and 2006's Up in Flames are full of driving, luscious, beautiful, beautiful music.

Hendrix with KO - Caribou

-online lit journal, elimae. Clean, gorgeous writing and prose. And they actually respond to your submissions within a reasonable amount of time ("within 72 hours"). The name comes from "electronic literary magazine".

-Sebadoh III. Lo-fi, seminal indie rock. And authors of these lines of genius:
No more homosexual hassles
Life among the grown-ups is in full swing

Hassle - Sebadoh

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The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

caribou is awesome. so is elimae.