Tuesday, December 23

Seven Things About Me

#1 Google images result: "James Yeh"

Mike Young tagged me to say seven things about myself. Mike's list, which he composed entirely of previously written statements, is an exercise in what he describes as "Depression-era conservation values". Because I have nothing further to say (it was all said in my "work", which was finished as of 4pm yesterday[previous post]), I am tempted to attempt something similar. Or I could just try fact. Or really sad truths. Perhaps all of these. That's what I will attempt to do: things I have said that are also statements of fact that are also sad in what they say about their creator, me.
1. I don't know.
2. I regretted asking.
3. I'm an embarrassing person to witness sometimes.
4. I wrote a long email detailing my complaints.
5. I lay in bed and sent them bad wishes.
6. I had nothing left to say.
7. "I don't know!" I shouted.
The beat goes on, tags to these fine folks:

Lincoln Michel
Rozi Jovanovich
Ann Dewitt
Lauren Spohrer
Catherine Lacey
Josh Hug
Tao Lin

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i have failed to accomplish this task. but i did admit to eating a duck, which is something.