Sunday, June 8

video digest #1: what i've been watching on youtube

Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham on The Woody Allen Show, circa late 1960s:

If only we could get this kind of intelligent, interesting conversation between the right and left these days. Remember this (Chris Matthews v. Kevin James) from last month? Asks Allen: "What's your favorite commandment?"


Demented. The "official video for The Zombies' 'This Will Be Our Year'":

"How warped and depressing," responds one viewer -- and I would agree. And yet there's something very David Brent-ian about his desire to broadcast himself like this. What's he thinking? Equal parts disturbing and hilarious.


A response to one of my favorite videos of all time. The Teletubbies do "Crank That (Soulja Boy Tellem)" by Soulja Boy:

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