Monday, May 19

some news for those of you who i don't keep in contact with on a daily (or even monthly) basis

-worked on the latest issue (no 46) from columbia: a journal, which is now out. included within are stories from diane williams, steve almond, and a piece i solicited from michael parker.

-gave some readings (one of them, up here. "wry sardonic sensibilities to the sentimental strumming of the guitar," says one source.)

-held a sausage fest

-became a "friend of BAM"

-went to endgame at BAM, tickets bought sans handling fees due to BAM friendship

-read, saw, heard: bolano*, kurosawa**, feist***

-discovered the band thinking fellers union local 282, possibly my new favorite bay area band, topping deerhoof, rogue wave, etc. (pavement excluded, since they're from stockton)

-wrote a few bad stories

-edited a few others to make them less bad

-sent out a few others, hopefully even less less bad, to people whose publications i like

-finished classes, possibly forever

i will be in taiwan from june 16-august 6, doing this government slash getting back to my roots thing. anyone want to sublet my nyc apartment?

*last evenings on earth (stunning, moving)
**seven samurai (stunning)
***free ticket thanks to friend

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