Sunday, May 11

Dream candidates


-Barack Obama cheek-stroking

-Hillary Clinton eating Thin Mints
-a "fleece" of endangered penguins


Trying not to get too political on here, but I recently read a pretty fascinating article up on the Washington Post website, about this year's presidential candidates and the people who dream about them. Full of bizarre details and funny (albeit uncomfortable) generalizations about liberals and conversations, the dreams are sort of amazing.

Some excerpts:
On Heti's Web site [where dreams of the candidates are submitted], Barack Obama is a romantic guy, one who strokes the cheek of a female voter while simultaneously embracing his wife. The Obama of dreams can levitate small objects, has released a CD titled "Barack Obama Sings 20 Classic Love Songs," and likes to huff the fumes of Speed Stick Gel deodorant. He once bit off two of Osama bin Laden's fingers in hand-to-hand combat, and he carries around the digits as trophies.

The dream Hillary Clinton is much more nurturing than dreamers expected her to be, though she does wear a $1 billion dress made from the "fleece" of endangered penguins. She has beautiful skin up close and she eats a lot, in various dreams consuming french fries, spare ribs, Thin Mints and a can of Dole Pineapple Whip, which she found in a public restroom stall.

The article goes on to make the case that, "Liberals do tend to have more active dream lives than conservatives, dream analysts speculate, with more instances of the bizarre," even giving an example of "Joey Gavronsky, a Georgetown University junior from Florida who was straddling the Clinton/Obama fence until he dreamed that Obama showed up at his dorm room to drink coffee with his friends. That, plus the real-life fact that the Grateful Dead had recently pledged to support the candidate, was enough to put Gavronsky firmly in Obama's camp."
My interest piqued by such fascinating dreams, I went to the website and checked out some of the Hillary ones. One of my favorites, guest-starring Sen. Dianne Feinstein:
I began to make casual conversation with Hillary, but she wasn't listening or acknowledging me. She was smiling, but seemed very robotic. I didn't like her much at that moment. On the other hand, Sen. Feinstein was being too friendly, hugging me close (she was very tall in the dream) to her old-lady brocade jacket. I felt uncomfortable at this personal space violation.

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