Sunday, February 25

Commercials I Like

Is it just me, or are TV commercials getting better?

Some of recent favorites:

GM Robot getting the can.

Coke's take on a popular video game.

And a bit of an oldie, but:

Geico caveman.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I gotta say: there's something strangely moving about that robot shriveling up as it leaves the plant. The ad, which was first aired during the Super Bowl, received complaints about the ending and in the most recent version, contains an extended job search -- including a particularly brilliant (and poignant) scene in a grocery store, involving cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail -- and a softening of the ending. I'm actually a bit particular to the new one.


barista brat said...

i've seen that geico ad a million times and it still makes me laugh. i even had to look up the song that was playing - and i found a video for it on youtube, which is really cool. the song is more techno than in the commercial - but if you're interested it's called 'remind me' by royksopp.

James said...

i just youtubed it, brat. it's pretty awesome. strangely, the song's quite beck guero-sounding to me.


Cincinnati Wiffle Ball said...

The really ironic thing about the GM commercial is bascially this is what's happening to 50,000 or so people in metro Detroit this year. Kind of risky, really, for them to even allow that comparison.

James said...

That's a good point, Kev. Ignoring all potential insensitivities, I still think it's a pretty good commercial.