Wednesday, December 20

Wins/Losses, A Scorecard for James Yeh in 2006

(W denotes win, L denotes loss, the number [-10 to 10] afterward how large a positive or negative reaction)

Position applied for:
  • student, grad school, creative writing, W 9.5
  • writer, internet start-up, W 2.5
  • writer, different internet start-up, W 3 then L -3 when I got fired for, what else, blogging about it
  • writer, advertisting copywriter, one gig, $250, W 4 (to date the most significant money I've received from writing)
  • boyfriend, L -7
  • temp to full job, administrative assistant, Wells Fargo, L -4 (temping I know, but I was promised $20/hour!)
  • temp to full job, executive assistant, Grosvenor, W +2 (not quite $20/hr, but still good, and yet somehow it's never as good when you actually get it...)
  • unpaid internship, The New Yorker, L -0.5
  • unpaid internship, Esquire, L -1 (don't really know why I was more disappointed by this one)
  • boyfriend, L -9.99... (different girl)
  • boyfriend, L -9.98... (same girl as above)
  • teacher, high school in Harlem, W 2
  • teacher, narrative medicine program with nearby med school, L -0.5
  • editorial position with Columbia: A Journal, W 6
  • 2-yr teaching instructorship with full tuition and fees covered in addition to $20,000 stipend, L -9

What does that bring me to? 7-10? I guess that's not that bad. I really have no reason to look at it like I just missed out on a $100,000 opportunity...I really have no reason to look at it like I just missed out on a $100,000 opportunity...

OK, fuck it. I give up -- I have reason to look at it any way I want.

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barista brat said...

you get extra points for being so damn busy this year!