Monday, June 26

Look no mullet!



Mullets are all the rage for the hipster crowd these days, along with anything else typically gauche or ironic (see: mustaches), but I was getting sick of all the lesbians I know saying I had a quote "lesbian haircut". Yeah, I get it, I look trendy and masculine. But still.

And now I look a cartoon character. ROCK.


jenneral said...

Heh, your mullet is actually sortof hot. Weird.

James said...

Thanks Jenn, I think. Will consider growing it back.

Benny said...

Jimsness, this is why you were screaming POST on my blog?? Hehe. Okay. I scampered on over, just in time to tell you that your mullet made you look more like Sherman Alexie than Sherman Alexie himself.

You're so adorable, darling. Please don't eat the syringes.



barista brat said...

your 'after' photo looks suspiciously like those red devil fans i saw at the staples center.

you sure your not a soccer fan?

btw - the lesbians in my part of town are now sporting two-toned mohawks. just thought you should know.

Harry the Hire said...

you look in the bottom photo like you juust ate all that hair missing from the top photo

angel said...

You look like Atom Mighty ( But good call on losing the mullet, it totally made you look like a sexually-ambiguous lesbian.

Das right ... chew on that.

James said...

Astro Boy!

I particuarly like how he has neither feet nor shirt.

angel said...

He's Astroboy, of course he needs neither feet nor shirt, silly mortal ...