Sunday, June 18

A dispatch from San Francisco, or: A brief rant on fakers

Hey guys,

It's been a shitty week. I'm not going to get into it. But trust me, it has.

In personal news my time in CA is quickly coming to an end. I've been spending the last three weeks or so in a new sublet in the Mission, which is basically hipster central for SF. In addition to the ubiquitous kids riding single speeds, in my neighborhood there are a glut of Latinos, homeless, and crack addicts. Needless to say there's always something intersting happening at night and it's pretty exciting.

There are so many bars and so many interesting people, but in a way, a lot of it is pretty empty. I have a decent enough amount of what I call "good time" friends, but significantly less "thick and thin, have a real conversation about serious shit" friends. I don't know whether since college I've become more reticent or whether people out here just really don't get it. There are a lot of fakers out here. Kids who wear everything about them on their sleeve (literally) but in actuality don't know anything about anything.

Not to be entirely negative or anything. It's just in Clemson it was a lot easier to spot the cool kids. They were the ones not wearing polo shirts and cocktail dresses and Greek letters. They were the ones who didn't just follow the flock and they were few and far between. Out here, though, everyone looks like a cool kid. But few are. You see, everyone in SF looks the part in their American Apparel, tight black jeans (or tight black leggings if you're a girl), thrift store t-shirts, and funky accessories. But the only hunger in them is in their malnourished vegan bellies and the only drive they know is in their Toyota Prius.

Or maybe I'm just a bitter young coot who has been scorned and shat on and is now venting in his online journal. Like throwing pebbles into the sea. No matter, though. Women love a brooder.

To get my shit together (or more like to keep my shit together), I think I might take a roadtrip to Monterrey, Big Sur, or LA next week and I think I might start temping again. I've got some short stories written these last couple weeks and a load more to write. If anyone wants something to read, shoot me an email.


Benny said...

Hey honey pie,

Women only love Asian brooders. Asians are hot when they brood.

Leggings are just plain nasty.

Do I have to shoot you an email? Send me something to read. I'm waiting on a marked-up mss, myself, and the agony is a-killin' me.

All Best,

Benny :-)

Benny said...


Gmail is being a bitch. And you are mean. Won't you be getting enough of the peer eval love in a few months? Hehe. By people who are much more willing, too!

I'll look for something "short" (short on inspiration, short on style, short on creativity, short on originality- take your pick?) in a bit. I've got to get up in six hours for work.



Harry the Hire said...

you still got my g-mail?

pass on some coolness

barista brat said...

dude, i know of this great thrift shop but it's in daly city. don't worry, i got some plastic bags from that cool (but expensive) "recycled clothing" store near market and we can act as if we have a ton of cash to drop on clothes that are supposed to look like we don't give a damn about how we look.

oh, and then we can get that j.p. sartre quote tattooed on our lower bellies.

hey - no joke! word verification: iysux

James said...

B, L:

It's being sent, as


Daly City -- you mean Daly Shitty? [guffaws to self] Seriously though. That's sooo far away. Are you in the Bay Area?

barista brat said...

i live in la. it's full of fakers, too - but mostly the silicone kind.

James said...

La-la land. We San Franciscans (can I call myself that? I've only been here a year) are sworn enemies of your kind.

Just kidding -- I don't mind LA so much. Visited last Spring. Even though it was hot, I felt so cool. It probably wears off eventually, I'm sure.

Benny said...

Brat is one of the most glamorous people to pop up on my Site Meter. When it says North Hollywood, I'm like, "Woah. Johnny Depp?" ;-)

jenneral said...

Who's this hating on leggings? Leggings are hot. Especially when I wear them. And always have been, despite the newly accepting turn of fashion this season.

James said...

I like the leggings. I'm just saying.