Tuesday, March 28

Life is beautiful--and weird

I should be packing for my Texas State trip, but instead, another list.

"Random things that tell me the world is too absurd and ridiculous for you not to be in love with it":

-The amount of enjoyment my aunt gets from watching According to Jim. A tiny 60 year-old Chinese woman with curlers in her hair laughing out loud to a sitcom starring Jim Belushi. Check that--a really bad sitcom starring Jim Belushi.

-Flirting with the greeter outside an Italian restaurant in North Beach.

-Having the burly owner come out and ask me--gruffly, of course--"You wanna job or somethin'? Well, we're not hiring."

-The older guy on the planeride back from NYC wearing a floatie-looking thing around his neck meant to keep his head upright, or draw ridicule from other passengers.

-The rejection letter--I mean, rejection email--I received from the University of Washington.

-The email I wanted to send them in response:

Whatevs. Got into Columbia. Wouldn't have gone anyway.

Peace out.

J-dizzle no longer your nizzle

-Oh, and posing for this picture:

Any more questions on what I did in New York?

*3/29/06 REVISION
The face that launched a thousand ships, LA Dan


Robb said...

I know that Benny is gonna make fun of this question, but did you send my package yet?
I gots to have me some new tunes.
And yeah, I wanna hear your NYC stories. So, you know, hurry up.

Anonymous said...

James? Seriously. I don't need to see that. Yipes. :)

James said...

Robb, I've started on your CD, but I won't be able to send until after I get back Texas. Life is gloriously busy, but never fear: Your package is going to rock harder than you'll be able to imagine.

Kathryn, you're in hotness denial. It's OK--I understand.

Benny said...

Er, yah Jimby. Send Rhesus his package. His wife has been wondering about it since you left...

(Will that suffice?)

And are you going to post that freaking belly rubbing photo EVERYWHERE? Whatever happened at Robb's house, you either need to tell us the truth about it or leave it on Memory Lane.

Absurd and In Love: Mama's Family. Even the theme tune gives me the chills.

Robb said...

I guess I thought it would be pretentious to assume that everybody who reads this stuff is familiar with the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. I try not to send the good readers Googling as often as I can.
Speaking of which, what the fuck is Rhesus. Am I a monkey? A London-based indie punk band? Some kind of test for newborn babies?

James said...

Benny, Robb already explained the circumstances surrounding the picture in his recent

I probably should put a link to the picture in question. In fact, that's what I'm going to do--edit the post. Right. Now.

James said...

And Robb, my vote is for monkey.

Anonymous said...

I AM in hotness denial. Silly me.

Benny said...

Robb, you're a soldier, a la Euripides.

I like to form my own theories about the circumstances surrounding the ubiquitous photo!

Me like to go a-Googling...

James said...

And what theory is that, Benny?

Harry the Hire said...

what's with the frondless pieces of flesh flashing between the fingers and the faberges in those photos?

did you all have flouro tattoos that we can't pick up or is there something about the kidney area that I'm missing?

Benny said...

Okay, pretend like I have a Scottish accent when I say this:

"Tha kidnays are sexay, lad!"

Pshew. I crack mahself oop!


James said...

Things not to say before taking a picture of Robb and James:

"Show your kidneys!"
"Gimme some bladder!"
"Say ovaries!"

Harry the Hire said...

Or "what label of underwear do you?"

I noticed JY has CK

Anonymous said...

the email response email - brilliant - you know who this is

James said...

Light, nothing gets between me and my Calvins.

Benny said...

Then they must be dirty.