Wednesday, February 1

K-Fed rockin out to K-Fed

Kevin Federline in the studio listening to a recording of “PoPoZao”, by Kevin Federline. I don’t think words can describe how completely awesome this video is. Or what a moron he is.


Robb said...

In that video, doesn't he look just like somebody would look if they were doing some sort of parody of him? I mean, doesn't it look just like this is a skit on SNL making fun of him? What makes that video truly painful to watch is his sincerity. And how he acts like he's playing with the knobs in the booth, when you know that there is some producer standing just off to the side who will kick his ass if he actually messes with anything. Lastly, if you have to tell the listener that your song is "fire", then it is most definitely NOT "fire".

James said...


I just want to know what the hell he's doing with his hands. Does he think he's conducting a symphony? Making like a bra? Doing the macarena?

Robb said...

But let's just be real for a second: that man is a genius. Not a musical genius, to be sure. But some sort of strange genius who has managed to turn no talent of any kind into a very very nice life for himself.
Some of us can't even turn massive talents of all kinds (I'm of course speaking about myself) into that much money and that many cars.

James said...

Very true, Mr. Robb. It's actually quite sickening how he's made his life so livable. Only in America, eh?

Anonymous said...

this guy is a clown and all us ladies need to watch out for cats like this, Im so glad my gurl just sent me this linka nd I thought Id share it
Please tell me you guys have seen