Wednesday, January 25

The call of the temp agency (and nature)

Have you ever felt missed out on something? Like a job offer? Because you were taking a dump?


Well, me neither.

[looks the other way, avoids eye contact]


Well in other news, I got a free haircut yesterday. The literary mullet is gone. *Sigh*.

And, no, it doesn't look like shit. Which is why I felt compelled to give the guy a good tip. "Don't run near a pool," I told him. "You could slip and fall."

You see, money is temporary.

Safety is forever.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, my friend. Simply hilarious.

Benny said...

Goodbye, Sherman Alexie...

...Hello, Adlai Stevenson.

Till I see photographic evidence to the contrary, that is.

J-by, you can come to work with me. We can be upset with the incompetence of our higher-ups *together*.



Trevor said...

Ladies, look out! Here comes James Yeh...and he's got the Literary Mullet going on!

Erm, wait, what happened? The mullet is gone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What price glory, James? What price?

Anonymous said...

james, no mullets.
mullets are BAD.
mullets are NEVER a good idea.


money is fleeting.
good sense is forever.

James said...

Thanks, Kathryn. I guess missing out on a job opportunity is a small price to pay for the entertainment of one's friends.

Benny, I had to look that Adlai Stevenson allusion up in Wiki. Thanks for broadening my horizons. As usual.

Trevor, it *is* unfortunate that I had to cut off the literary mullet. But honestly, all those offers from The New Yorker in my mailbox were getting annoying. I mean, you'd think they'd publish on merit right? Nope. Just on mullet-tude.

And who the #$*@ are you, anonymous?

Benny said...

I'm just a pretentious name-dropper, James. Actually, I did a Google search on "bald authors" and then a Google search on "famously bald"- and Adlai Stevenson was candidate numero uno.

But even I knew who he was. Damn.

Cheeeers (as they say in Boston?),


Anonymous said...

ack. i should've signed my comment above. it was me, sam. you should've known THAT shit.