Friday, September 30

iTunes and the season Fall rock my face off.

The wind is chilly and crisp this morning and I absolutely love it. It won't be long before there are leaves scattered everywhere. Which is why it's good that I'm leaving. Raking leaves with my dad is something I've never been too fond of. Although, thinking about it now, I feel a strange feeling in my stomach that could be that little thing called "sentimentality". That or the Monterrey's I ate last night.

So it's been a little while since the last update. Nothing terribly exciting has been happening...Mostly just pretending to be studying for the LSAT. I get to stop soon though; the big day is tomorrow.

I downloaded iTunes the other day. It is quite awesome and user-friendly, in my opinion. I've gotten to a point where making a playlist takes entirely too long and it's very nice to just have the computer be your DJ. There are even settings where you can have it play only the highest ratest songs or the most played songs. Although I don't understand why you would want the option to play the lowest ratest songs unless it is to torture yourself.

I'm leaving for San Francisco Oct. 15. So if you want to see me before I go, give me a call or leave a comment. Also I would love to see you there, so come visit. I hear SF is incredible in the fall and really, anytime.

By the way, today is the earliest I've been up since, I think, spring semester.

Finally, this announcement: My birthday. The Orange Peel in Asheville. Tuesday, October 11th. Brazilian Girls. $13. Anyone interested?

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Trevor said...

I see you took my subliminal hints about El Monteray...

I've been stuck at work pretty much all the time, and plus I don't like you personally. So...

Just kidding, I'm looking forward to the first issue of the Forum (it's coming out soon, right?). Have fun in San Fran, and be sure to take a guided tour of the Presidio and Alcatraz while you're there!...because that's all San Francisco is know for. Yep, nothing else...of a same-sex nature. None of that in San Fran!