Wednesday, August 24

McSweeney's or bust

Today I made $80 from selling used electronics to some girls I know. I also finished revising a blog I did earlier in the summer and submitted it to McSweeney's ( see how quickly I can get rejected. To loosely quote the Pete Droge song from the mid-90's, if they don't love it, I'll kill myself.

Or I'll publish it here.

(Actually I'll probably do that anyway, but I'm one of those superstitious people and I'm not going to put it up here until I hear something back from them first.)


Trevor said...

McSweeneys? Never heard of 'em...

Anonymous said...

Just some girl, huh?

That's all the respect I get? It could have at least been "this hot girl I know", or "this interesting girl I know", but I got nothing.

Boo to you, James Yeh. Boo to you.

James said...

Sorry, Katie. You know I heart you.